About us


The aspiration for equality before the law is not new to the people of Iran. Throughout its rich history which dates back to the Elamite Kingdom circa 3,000 BCE, Iran has witnessed countless rulers, brutal wars, tribal rivalries and fluctuating national frontiers. The inscriptions in the Cyrus Cylinder have been hailed as perhaps the first charter of human rights and inspiration for democratic governance, racial and religious equality, and abolishment of slavery.


The Alliance for Rights of All Minorities (ARAM) is a diverse network of activists that seeks to foster human rights in Iran. ARAM’s mission is to promote equal rights for women, ethnic and religious minorities, and LGBT groups through public advocacy and awareness strategies that advance human rights and address Iran's discriminatory laws. ARAM's mission is carried out through a three-pronged approach of education, advocacy, and empowerment.


ARAM’s vision is to honor Iran’s 2500-year history of resilience and tradition. ARAM believes in a peaceful and just society where the all citizens, regardless of gender, creed, color, and ethnicity are treated with justice and fairness. ARAM means “calm” or “peaceful” in Persian, hence advancing the notion that peace and respect are the very premises of a civil society.


1) Leverage the voices and resources of diaspora Iranians to shape policies that improve human rights in Iran.

2) Obtain and publicize accurate information about the ongoing treatment and conditions of impacted communities in Iran.

3) Elevate concerns regarding human rights violations and discriminatory laws of the Islamic Republic before policy makers and the general public.

4) Provide a respectful and egalitarian platform that will allow Iranians of all backgrounds, regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation to participate in the global dialogue about human rights.

Operating Principles of the Alliance

1) To promote human rights and advocate for the rights for women, LGBT, ethnic and religious minorities in Iran.

2) Respect and safeguard the dignity of Iran’s full geographic boundaries.

3) Respect every group and member of the coalition, regardless of ideological or religious differences.

4) Serve as an advocate for human rights in your own community while learning about others.

5) Support the effort and contributions of coalition members and the human rights activists, in general.


Marjan Keypour Greenblatt is the Founder and Director of the Alliance for Rights of all Minorities (ARAM), a global network of a activists which promotes human rights in Iran. As a former refugee who escaped discrimination in the Middle East and Europe, her career has focused on advocacy for human rights and advancement of democratic ideals. She has advocated for Iran's minorities at the White House, US Congress, the State Department and the European Union. Her writings have appeared in IranWire, Kayhan Life, Huffington Post, among others. She holds a bachelor's degree from UCLA and a master’s degree from Harvard University.