1. Acknowledge that the lives of people in other countries and regions are as valuable as any other.

  2. Recognize that there's no cultural justification for human rights violations. Practices such as execution, public executions, child marriage, FGM, and compulsory hijab are inhumane practices and deteriorate the social fabric.

  3. Educate yourself about the plight of persecuted people of the world by including alternative news media that covers human rights news.

  4. Refrain from engaging in racial or ethnic jokes, stereotypes and insults. Such behaviors perpetuate the social systems that persecute and disadvantage minorities.

  5. Take advantage of your “freedom privilege,” the privilege of living in a democracy, that despite its imperfections, grants you freedom of expression and civic participation. Since so many people living in repressive regimes are deprived of these opportunities, use your freedom to be their voice.

  6. Speak truth to power! Feel empowered by the value of human rights advocacy and serve as an ambassador for persecuted people by educating and engaging influencers in diverse fields.

  7. Refrain from politicizing matters related to human rights and human dignity as partisan politics. Human rights and rights of minorities are core values that transcend political games and partisan rivalries.

  8. Amplify the voices of persecuted minorities around the world by seeking and developing networks that empower them.  

  9. Use social media to as your personal platform for learning about and advocating for persecuted people. Follow @ARAMalliance on Twitter and ARAM on Facebook.

  10. Take action! Even the smallest acts of advocacy and solidarity can make a difference.